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Harrison Ellenshaw Fine Art

Please call Above All Art for Prices and Availability on Originals and Giclees of Harrison Ellenshaw Fine Art


painter, Peter Ellenshaw, who won an Oscar for his visual effects work on "Mary Poppins” and was nominated a total of five times for the Academy Award. “I had grown up fascinated by my father's paintings," Harrison says. “He would sometimes give me canvas and paints.  After work on Captain Eo, Superman IV, Ghost and other films, a memorable year for Harrison was 1989, when he worked on Dick Tracy.  “The matte paintings were visually the star of that film,” he recalls, “And by then I was doing some fine art painting on my own. But it was around that time when I was working on this incredibly colorful film that an exhibition of Fauve artists came to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.” Fauve, which in French means “wild beasts,” was a name given to a group of up and coming rebel French artists in the 1900s, who included among their ranks Henri Matisse and Andre Derain. The Fauve painters took a traditional art form and began using forms and colors which were not found in nature, painting familiar objects with startlingly “wrong” colors, in an attempt to “liberate color.” 

Harrison’s work has been exhibited at the prestigious Hammer Galleries in New York, as well as galleries in London and San Francisco. 



 -Harrison Ellenshaw


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  Harrison Ellenshaw "The River Indre Near Reignac"  
 Harrison Ellenshaw "The River Indre Near Reignac" 
Sale price: $725.00 
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  Harrison Ellenshaw "Gotham night"  
 Harrison Ellenshaw "Gotham night" 
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  Harrison Ellenshaw Monument Valley"  
 Harrison Ellenshaw Monument Valley" 
Sale price: $750.00 
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  Harrison Ellenshaw "Oahu Sunrise"  
 Harrison Ellenshaw "Oahu Sunrise" 
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  Harrison Ellenshaw "Desert Pool"  
 Harrison Ellenshaw "Desert Pool" 
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